Since 2010, Kody Boye has worked on hundreds of projects for dozens of authors, which include not only Rhiannon Frater’s The Last Bastion of the Living series, but Patrick D’Orazio’s The Dark Trilogy, Denice S. Newton’s Two Continents, One Hope and many others. He has also worked with with the Dred Tales Webzine in 2008, the Brave Blue Mice Webzine in 2009, the Library of the Living Dead Press and Lethe Press and continues to serve clients on an individual level.

Interior Book Formatting

eBook formatting is oftentimes painful to navigate. Professional print design is necessary for any author self-published or not. For that reason, Kody Boye offers both paperback and eBook formatting services at an affordable rate.

Paperbacks start at $200 | eBooks at $25 – $50

Kody can format books in nearly any format, though he does not specialize in photo-intensive projects. Services are offered on a first-come, first-serve basis, and are provided in a leisurely manner specific to the product. Rates will scale depending on the complexity of the project. If further changes are required after the quality-assurance guarantee threshold (i.e., the amount of time it takes for Createspace to approve your paperback for distribution or for Smashwords to approve for premium distribution to their outlets,) or you feel your work must be returned to you upon a specific date, stress fees will apply. (Fees vary depending on amount of work required or the speed at which the project must be returned.)

The following are examples of paperwork formatting from a variety of clients.



eBook files are provided for Kindle, Nook Press, Draft2Digital, Smashwords and Google Play in word (.doc) files for meatgrinder conversion.

If you would like to contact Kody about possibly working on a project, please use the form listed on this site and include as much information about your book as possible (what it is about, what genre it falls under, what your aim is with its general style and aesthetic.) Be specific about what you want, including preferred font choices if applicable. The more information that is provided, the easier it will be to deliver a project you can be proud of. Authors who have not worked with an interior formatter should consult Kody’s What To Include in a Paperback Formatting Proposal Guide, which can be found by clicking here. Also be sure to include your timetable. They will reply to you with a quote as soon as possible.

Publishing Consultations

Kody can also provide consultations regarding whatever concerns you may have about your publishing process (which can range from dashboard support, to distribution outlets, to marketing methods, and more.) His experience with various publication dashboards, their distribution processes and the required fields that must be inputted make him a perfect candidate to ask about uploading your book and preparing it for distribution.

He charges $35 per hour and can be contacted through Skype or by mobile.

Copy and Content Editing

Since 2008, Kody has served as a copyeditor under a variety of positions — including for the Dred Tales and Brave Blue Mice Webzines as a slush reader, as well as copyeditor for individual clients. His experience as both a slush pile reader and a writer offer him the unique position of understanding not only what makes a story good, but also what can make it bad.

| Copyediting services are $1.50 a page* | Content Editing at $2.50 a page

(*formatted to specification)

Does not include repeat readthroughs

Kody specializes in working with books that fall under the speculative genre range (i.e., horror, fantasy, science-fiction,) but can work on virtually any project. When working with you on copyedits, he will strive to ensure that your project reads smoothly and is free of typos. If you wish to commission him for a stronger content edit, he will work to ensure that your manuscript is structurally sound and will offer feedback on sentence structure, plot, character development and continuity.
Manuscripts are asked to be formatted with Times New Roman, size 12 font, 1.5-spaced lines, and 1″ margins all around.

If you would like to contact Kat Attack Publishing Services about possibly working on a project, please use the form listed on this site. Upon query, they will offer up to 5 pages for your consideration free of charge.

All work commissioned through Kat Attack Publishing Services is subject to a lifetime warranty. Should you discover a problem within your work that is the result of the service provider’s error, or that causes it to be rejected by a distribution outlet, it will be corrected without charge. Additional changes requested by the author (ex: added content or additional edits) will result in applicable stress fees.

50% of your commission’s cost will be charged prior to beginning the service. Once your project is complete, a watermarked version of your copyedited or formatted manuscript will be sent to you for review. Once final adjustments are made, you will be charged the other 50%. You will receive your project once payment has been received in full. Please note that anything paid beyond the amount listed in the rendered invoice will be considered ‘gratuity’ and will not count toward future services. 
Want a reference? Look no further! See what Kody’s past clients have to say below!

Kody did the formatting for my trilogy of horror novels. His work was crisp, solid, and professionally done. He was a pleasure to work with, making the process easy and simple. I highly recommend him to anyone who needs formatting work done.

Patrick D’Orazio, author of The Dark Trilogy

Kody did a very professional formatting for my second book, Rise and Walk: Pathogen. He offered helpful suggestions and finished the work in a timely manner. I wouldn’t hesitate to suggest his work to my colleagues and plan on hiring him again. He has my greatest confidence.

Gregory Solis, author of Rise and Walk: Pathogen
 Kody formatted the paperback for my novel Keep Breathing and did an excellent job. I highly recommend him. Hw’a fast, reliable and will accommodate any changes needed quickly and professionally. It was amazing to work with him. I’ll definitely be using his services again in the future.
Alexia Purdy, author of Keep Breathing
Kody is my official formatter and I love him for it. I can always depend on him to format my books faultlessly and quickly. He offers tips to make the files better for readers, and points out anything that might need to changed to make the formatting as good as it can be. And he’s great to boot, so even your chats with him about the work are five-star. Two thumbs way, way up. But I have to get back to writing, because I’m working on the next manuscript for him to format. I’ll be using him for all my novels coming up.

Erin Hayes, author of the Her Wolf trilogy

 Kody did the interior formatting for my newest novel and I couldn’t be happier. The layout is beautiful and his turn around time was impressively fast, which is always important to us writers. I will be using his skills from now on!
Emily Goodwin, author of Stay
I have known the man for a few years now, he is an honest friendly chap who I enjoy chatting to in a professional and private capacity. The guy is a work horse and won’t stop until you are happy and for what he is charging I don’t see how you can afford not to use this service. A great person once wrote ‘a book should never go from author to reader, at least one unbiased person should see it in between’…good advice.
Jackie Coupe, author of The Girls Club
As a self-published author, my first book was in pretty bad shape when it came to formatting. I knew that I had a phenomenal book but needed for it to be more professionally presented. I found Kody on Facebook and put everything into his capable hands. I was so very pleased with his work right away! He has now formatted three of my books which are all doing well!
S. Denise Newton, author of Two Continents, One Word
Kody helped to format and edit my first novel, OUTBREAK: THE HUNGER. He works quickly, efficiently, and kept me updated about his progress. He has a great eye for detail and is honest with you. I couldn’t be happier with the final version of my first novel. I’ll definitely be turning to Kody to edit and format my second novel!!
Scott Shoyer, author of Outbreak: The Hunger
Kody was recommended to me for formatting my novel THE BORROWED WORLD. I was very impressed with his prompt and knowledgeable responses to my questions about the process. The quality of his work was excellent. The turnaround time was very impressive. I plan on using him again for the second book in the series.

Franklin Horton, author of The Borrowed World

 Editing, almost certainly, is my weakest skill. Compound that to self-editing a project over 40,000 words and if you’re not careful, you will have yourself a recipe for disaster. That, my friend, is where Kody Boye steps in. Swift, accurate and knowledgeable editing assistance is what every writer needs and this service provides it and then some. Kody made one of my least favorite parts of writing much easier. He has a true desire to see the author’s vision succeed. He did a remarkable job and believe me, it was an effort to work my stuff into shape!
Keith Latch, author of Cemetery Things
 Kody was recommended to me by an author friend. I always do my homework before I make serious purchases, and as a new author, I wanted to be sure only the best was working on my book! After reading his stellar reviews, I decided to work with Kody for formatting for eBook. He was extremely knowledgeable and very responsive and helpful with my questions. I highly recommend his work–I was thoroughly impressed with the turn-around and hisprofessionalism and kindness, making the process that much easier for me. Five stars!
Angelique Archer, author of The Undoing
I turned to Kody to reformat my short fiction books The Wounded King and The Elder, both of which had TOC issues. Not only did he immediately recognize and fix the issue and finish the work in lightning speed, he did so with grace, tact, humor, and rock solid professionalism. Not only can I not recommend him highly enough, I’ve also enlisted him to format — for ebook — my upcoming full-length novel, Martuk … the Holy: Proseuche. THAT’S how much I like him. 🙂
Jonathan Winn, author of The Wounded King