Kody Boye


Book 2 of The Brotherhood Saga

The Author’s Definitive Edition (Revised and Relaunched for 2018)

Odin returns to the capital to participate in the knighting initiation ceremonies. He is confident that he will triumph in his final test where victory is determined by first blood drawn. After Odin wins, he is unexpectedly denied the title of knight. Ejected from the army and devastated by the loss of his dream, Odin prepares for his journey home.

But he has found favor with his ruler and is made the king’s champion. Odin then becomes the king’s right hand, traveling across the kingdom and setting right what is wrong.

After a shocking attempt on the king’s life, it is discovered that dark forces are amassing in the dead lands just beyond the edge of the kingdom.

Only Odin and his party of heroes can the save the kingdom…

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