Kody Boye


Book 1 of The Brotherhood Saga

The Author’s Definitive Edition (Revised and Relaunched for 2018)

Born a mage and incapable of controlling his powers, Odin Karussa is forced to hide his gifts from his adoptive father for fear of persecution. Therefore, his lifelong dream of enlisting in the military is an impossibility—that is, until he’s discovered by a high court mage after running away to the capital. In a world of dying magic, his gifts are too great to be ignored. This unexpected opportunity gives him the chance to train amongst the royal family.

Life amongst nobility isn’t easy, especially as a commoner. But Odin is being watched by a benefactor whose good will is shrouded in mystery.

Will Odin ever become the knight he desires to be? Or will fate deal him an unlucky hand?

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