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  • Urban Fantasy Blood Night

    Book 1 in The Scarlet Jane Files

    Scarlet Jane used to live an ordinary life. She was a straight-A student, a star basketball player, a loving and devoted daughter.

    That changed the night her mother was murdered—not by a person, but by a monster.

    After being hospitalized for what police, social workers and resident psychiatrists believe to be a form of shock, there seems to be little that Scarlet can do to move on with her life—that is, until a strange man in black enters her hospital room and claims that he can make all the horrible memories disappear. The only problem is: Scarlet doesn’t want to forget. She wants revenge. But what she doesn’t know is that revenge will lead her down a deadly path—one that will change her world forever.

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  • Urban Fantasy Witch Haunt

    Book 2 in The Scarlet Jane Files

    Scarlet Jane is left with a feeling of emptiness after slaying the vampire that murdered her mother. Unsure what she will do and clueless as to what her next mark may be, she turns to friend and mentor Emily Bane to find out more about her predecessor’s past—only to find that it is stooped in bloodshed. Gregory Basteele—whose family was killed twenty years prior—searched hopelessly for the coven of witches that killed his family until the day he died. Now that Scarlet stands in his place, she feels it’s her duty to seek the witches out. What she can’t comprehend are the consequences that will follow.

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Showing all 2 results

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