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  • Horror Afternoon

    Book 3 in the Daylight Cycle

    Months after the zombie outbreak that decimated the world’s population, Rose, Dakota, Erik and Ian embark on a routine supply run only for it to end in disaster. Ian is killed instantly. Erik, meanwhile, is scratched.

    Unaware if such a wound will leave their companion helpless to the zombie virus, the party waits to see if Erik will succumb to infection. When he doesn’t, it seems too good to be true. But Erik isn’t out of the woods yet. With fever symptoms leaving him bedridden, it’s obvious that he’s going downhill—and fast. And only a chance communications with an infectious disease specialist in the capital offers their only chance of hope.

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  • Fantasy Blood

    Book 1 in the Brotherhood Saga

    Born a mage and incapable of controlling his powers, Odin Karussa is forced to hide his gifts from his adoptive father for fear of persecution. Therefore, his lifelong dream of enlisting in the military is an impossibility—that is, until he’s discovered by a high court mage after running away to the capital. In a world of dying magic, his gifts are too great to be ignored. This unexpected opportunity gives him the chance to train amongst the royal family.

    Life amongst nobility isn’t easy, especially as a commoner. But Odin is being watched by a benefactor whose good will is shrouded in mystery.

    Will Odin ever become the knight he desires to be? Or will fate deal him an unlucky hand?

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  • Urban Fantasy Blood Night

    Book 1 in The Scarlet Jane Files

    Scarlet Jane used to live an ordinary life. She was a straight-A student, a star basketball player, a loving and devoted daughter.

    That changed the night her mother was murdered—not by a person, but by a monster.

    After being hospitalized for what police, social workers and resident psychiatrists believe to be a form of shock, there seems to be little that Scarlet can do to move on with her life—that is, until a strange man in black enters her hospital room and claims that he can make all the horrible memories disappear. The only problem is: Scarlet doesn’t want to forget. She wants revenge. But what she doesn’t know is that revenge will lead her down a deadly path—one that will change her world forever.

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  • Fantasy Death

    Book 3 in the Brotherhood Saga

    In Blood, Odin left home in search of his dream.

    In Sword, he attained the status of knight.

    In Death, Odin will lose it all.

    After a deadly attack on one of Ornala’s greatest settlements leaves not only the country in disrepair, but claims one of the most important people in Odin’s life, there seems little left to live for. Grief-stricken and out of his mind, he flees the kingdom with his eyes set on discovering the true meaning of Death from the Elves.

    Along the way, he befriends a fellow Halfling who leads him through the Elven forest and to the capital. There, Odin is taken under the wing of a sexless creature, whose vast magical knowledge leads him toward the discovery that may change his life.

    The Elven Book of the Dead, written and created by the infamous Dark Elves, promises a reward Odin can only dream of.

    There’s only one problem. Hidden within the depths of the Elven castle and guarded by the greatest of magics, it will take a feat of willpower unlike anything Odin has ever attempted to secure the book.

    With nothing left to lose, Odin must make a choice: to return home and begin life anew, or to risk the greatest magical offense in human history to bring back the most important person in his life.

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  • Horror First Light

    Book 1 in the Daylight Saga

    Before the attacks, Rose’s life was simple.

    Before there was mass violence in America, she was a university student in Liverpool.

    Before her roommate was savagely attacked, she wanted to make the world a better place.

    That was before the zombie outbreak.

    Now, Rose and her best friend Lyra are forced to flee their flat and find refuge onboard a yacht with a group of armed survivors. Although safety seems likely on the open sea, it’s only a matter of time before a new outbreak occurs.

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  • Book 4 of the Kaldr Chronicles

    The unimaginable has occurred. After a showdown at the Winters’ Kaldr Ranch, the existence of the Supernatural world has been revealed to the entire world. Left at the mercy of their situation, Jason, Aerick and Guy flee to North America’s most prestigious Supernatural organization—the Agency—to take shelter and recover from the fallout that occurred on the ranch. It soon becomes apparent, however, that things will not be easy from here on out, and though their pasts have been altered to offer each man a clean slate, a Supernatural registry imposed by the United States government leaves every Supernatural being at the mercy of those who wish to discriminate against them, and Jason, Guy and Aerick as blatant targets of the Sanguine who still wish to exact their revenge.

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  • Book 2 of the Kaldr Chronicles

    After contracting a dangerous and mind-altering form of Lycanthropy, there seems to be little hope for Jason DePella. His lover, Guy Winters, a member of an ancient race of ice people, infects him with Kaldr magic, believing that the combined strains will allow Jason to maintain his humanity by living as a Wendigo.

    They soon learn that the fabled Wendigo is nothing more than a myth. Instead, it’s slowly killing Jason from the inside out.

    Jason’s only hope involves either perilous risk or unthinkable sacrifice. In order for Jason to possibly survive, he must venture into Howler territory to kill the man with lycanthropy or allow the man he loves to sacrifice his own life.

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  • Book 1 of the Kaldr Chronicles

    After being kicked out of college due to false claims of plagiarism, Jason’s life has taken a turn for the worse. Swamped with student loans and unable to pay rent, he is literally at his wit’s end when he meets Guy Winters. Everything about Guy is fascinating: his lifestyle, his appearance, his generosity. So when Jason faces potential homelessness, he agrees to move in, but it isn’t long before he realizes that Guy seems different. He’s vague about where he works, the temperature is always freezing in his home, and his touch renders Jason breathless beyond what any passion should.

    After a home invasion leaves a man dead, a horrifying truth comes to life. Guy isn’t human, and another of his kind is in Austin, leaving trail of bodies in its wake that frames both men for murder. With Jason’s fingerprints in the apartment and a gunshot that will have sent the police department scrambling, there’s no time to explain. The only thing they can do is run.

  • Book 3 of the Kaldr Chronicles

    Jason DePella has done what was previously thought impossible. By killing the leader of the Hill Country Howlers, he has potentially enabled two clans who have been at war for generations to unite under the same banner. Unfortunately, his new rule is not met without suspicion. As Howlers clash over the fact that a Kaldr now commands their pack, the Central Texas Sanguine are preparing an attack of their own—one that will ultimately shift the dynamics of the supernatural underworld.

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  • Fantasy Material Things

    Horror. Fantasy. Sci-Fi. Dark Romance. Bizarro. Coming-of-Age. Contemporary. Strange. Since 2007, Kody Boye has been making the world strange one story at a time. In this ongoing collection of short fiction, experience love gone wrong, individuals driven to the brink of insanity, hope found in unlikely places, fantasy coming to life and so much more.

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  • Fantasy Rebel

    Book 4 in the Brotherhood Saga

    In Blood, Odin vied to become a knight.

    In Sword, he became a champion.

    In Death, he lost everything.

    In Rebel, the fourth novel in the Brotherhood Saga, Odin is arrested and charged for deserting his kingdom and using illegal magics. Believing that his ties to the court will spare him the death penalty, he appears before the highest magical court in the land expecting none other than life in prison. But when he is sentenced to serve time in the Cadarack Prison for High-Maintenance Criminals—a place fabled for forcing their prisoners to fight to the death in armed combat—his options for escape appear even more hopeless.

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  • Horror Sunrise

    Book 2 in the Daylight Saga

    With a dwindling food supply, a lawless gang, and the encroaching dead threatening their existence, Dakota Travis and his best friend realize they may no longer be safe in their abandoned apartment building. They flee into the wasteland that was once South Dakota to find safety. There, they encounter the last remnants of the United States military and take shelter within a converted asylum. But their safety is anything but guaranteed. Now, surrounded by the undead, tensions run high between these two friends and the soldiers. Food is in short supply, and shelter may only be temporary. The commanding officer is quickly succumbing to insanity, while his right-hand men rule indiscriminately with iron fists. And once Corporal Jamie Marks begins to make advances, Dakota realizes the undead may be the least of his worries, especially amongst men who already hate him.

    The day of man is over. The dawn of the dead has come.

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  • Fantasy Sword

    Book 2 in the Brotherhood Saga

    In The Brotherhood: Blood, Odin began his dream of becoming a knight and journeyed as a squire across many lands in service to his king.

    In Sword, Odin returns to the capital to participate in the knighting initiation ceremonies. He is confident that he will triumph in his final test where victory is determined by first blood drawn. After Odin wins, he is unexpectedly denied the title of knight. Ejected from the army and devastated by the loss of his dream, Odin prepares for his journey home.

    But he has found favor with his ruler and is made the king’s champion. Odin then becomes the king’s right hand, traveling across the kingdom and setting right what is wrong.

    After a shocking attempt on the king’s life, it is discovered that dark forces are amassing in the dead lands just beyond the edge of the kingdom.

    Only Odin and his party of heroes can the save the kingdom…

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  • He owned a big house, a great car, a Lamborghini, the things that mattered. For nursing student Jake Althaus, running into mega music producer Adrian Donovan seemed like a dream come true. They got along, had similar interests, great chemistry, aspired both to be working men. In time they shared everything. A home, a dog, a future—even an HIV-positive diagnosis that to some would damn them to a life of loneliness. But when a cancer diagnosis upends their lives and threatens to destroy the reality of their existence, they will soon come face-to-face with the greatest question ever:

    Does love conquer all?

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  • Dakota Hammell was an ordinary teenager until he ran away from home at the age of sixteen, but after being brutally beaten, raped and left for dead, there seems to be little hope in his life—that is, until a man claiming to be a psychologist walks into the alleyway he’s lying near-dead in and offers him a second chance at life. John tells Dakota he can stay with him as long as he wants, but there’s a catch: For each day he stays, he has to write a journal entry about his life, his problems, and his potential future. With little choice, Dakota agrees, but is wary of the situation, as past experience with strangers has shown to have negative effects. But when things with John begin to work out and life becomes nothing out of the ordinary, his heart finally begins to open and his journey can finally be told.

    A story of hope, of healing, and ultimately, of friendship, The Diary of Dakota Hammell offers a brief glimpse into a life of fractured teenager who has lost everything but his ability to write.

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  • Fantasy The Drake of Ehknac

    Book 1 in The Adventures of Carmen Delarosa

    The Hornblaris Mountains — home to the great Dwarven people — are a miraculous sight to behold, but beneath their towering peaks lie monstrous dangers. Carmen Delarosa, a travelling merchant’s daughter, has lived within the mountains and even travelled their passages her entire life without issue. But when a drake appears along a routine trading route and slaughters an entire caravan, including her family, Carmen vows to take justice into her own hands. Alone, in the Deep Roads, and with only her wits to guide her, Carmen will attempt the impossible: to hunt, and kill, the Drake of Ehknac.

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  • Fantasy The King’s Watch

    Book 2 in The Adventures of Carmen Delarosa

    After successfully hunting and slaying the Drake of Ehknac, Carmen returns home to the fanfare of thousands. Declared a hero by the mayor of Ehknac, word of her exploits quickly spreads, but it isn’t until a letter arrives from the king that Carmen realizes the extent of her fame. In this correspondence, he offers her the chance to join the King’s Watch: an elite organization of soldiers that not only protects him, but also his lands. The offer, while tempting, seems too good to be true; and not only will she have to journey to the capital of Dorenborough to audition, but survive on the way there.

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  • Horror The Midnight Spell

    Best friends since kindergarten, Adam and Christy have always been the perpetual outsiders in their small town in Texas. The other kids call Adam gay and Christy a witch.

    On both counts the bullies are right.

    Their junior year in high school seems destined to be the same old same old until Christy decides to cast a love spell for Adam at the midnight hour. The next day an alluring and mysterious boy enrolls at school and sets hearts aflutter, including Adam’s. Meanwhile, Christy’s mad crush on the handsome football player Ian seems to be going nowhere fast and her witch puberty is making her life miserable.

    When a great evil arrives in town that threatens everything they hold dear, the best friends realize that finding a boyfriend is the least of their worries. Soon Adam and Christy will have to battle a force of darkness that has killed in their town before, and will again.

  • Book 1 in the When They Came Trilogy

    I never was afraid of monsters—at least, not until They came: the visitors from outer space.

    Now They’re in our skies, on our streets, always watching, forever waiting.

    At seventeen, I’m just about to graduate from the Juvenile Education System and declare my career of choice. The Midnight Guard—who protect our community from the vicious things that lie outside our walls—calls to me.

    It’s hard, dangerous work, with grueling hours that offer little sleep, but it’s the one thing I know will help make a difference in
    our ever-changing world.

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  • Urban Fantasy Witch Haunt

    Book 2 in The Scarlet Jane Files

    Scarlet Jane is left with a feeling of emptiness after slaying the vampire that murdered her mother. Unsure what she will do and clueless as to what her next mark may be, she turns to friend and mentor Emily Bane to find out more about her predecessor’s past—only to find that it is stooped in bloodshed. Gregory Basteele—whose family was killed twenty years prior—searched hopelessly for the coven of witches that killed his family until the day he died. Now that Scarlet stands in his place, she feels it’s her duty to seek the witches out. What she can’t comprehend are the consequences that will follow.

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  • Fantasy Wraethworld

    Discover the surreal world of the Wraethworld in Kody Boye’s new dark fantasy novella.

    Mary Matthews is a sweet little autistic girl living a very ordinary life until the fish girl appeared to her one night in her bedroom. The bizarre creature’s prophecies that Mary alone can save the fish girl’s world terrifies her.

    The following day, Mary is on a fieldtrip with her special needs class when a voice beckons to her from an alley. Wandering away from her classmates, she enters into a place where the worlds bridge, realities become blurred, and the most terrifying of nightmares live to wreak havoc on those unfortunate enough to enter.

    Mary holds within her hands the fate of a world.

    At only five years old, how can she hope to survive in Wraethworld?

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